Spa and Yoga, Do Both of These Things to Revitalize The Body


After undergoing a routine body will feel tired. The body needs relaxation so that when on the move again, the body refreshed. How? One of them with a spa, in addition to traveled. Now do a spa can do while on vacation at the hotel. Hotels in Bali there that provide this facility. In Ubud, there is a suitable hotel as a place to retreat, yoga, and spa.


What benefits obtained after the spa?


Spa treatments can be regarded as a committed somewhere or salon spa. Massage is the spa treatments are popular in Indonesia. Spa provide a variety of health benefits, among other things, eliminate toxins on the surface of the skin, weight loss, and boost circulation.


The spa treatment is important for people who have busy and hectic work schedule each day.


The spa treatments such as what is popular in the community? Facial and body treatments are two treatments that are often made public.



Facials are facials, body treatments while treatment is a body or bodies, such as body wraps and salt glow. Not only that, salon spas also provide nail care to clean and beautify the nails and fingers, ie, pedicure and manicure.


If a manicure is a manicure and fingers, while the pedicure is a treatment for nails and toes.

There is a regular spa treatments, such as massage, but there is also another massage, spa Hotstone massage, Thai massage, and reflexology. Every visitor would need to select the type of spa that suits him.



In addition to the spa, yoga commonly used options for relaxation. Even yoga, according to one medical site, can be regarded as a sport body and mind. Each person would have problems, worry, or anxiety.



By doing yoga, feelings that could be reduced and the stress can be controlled. Yoga is usually done in a quiet and comfortable.


Vacationing at the same time doing activities to relax themselves, is not exciting?


Indonesia has many tourist attractions and Bali is one of the favorite tourist destinations. Now in Bali has been a lot of standing hotel also has two facilities to provide a comfortable place of relaxation.

Ganga Puri Resort is one of them. If you are on vacation to Bali, but also want to recover physically and mentally then you can stay in Puri Gangga Resort.